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July 20, 1997
        Sarah:  I feel a presence here.  I have a question.  Is
someone around to talk with us?
*       Lantarnek (Jonathan TR):  You have a question; you may ask.
        Sarah:  I get a little afraid sometimes that I am bringing
my mind into what is happening.  I have met with friends who have
died within the last 3 or 4 years, and it was very  touching,
loving.  What they said to me I feel would be very revealing to
us here.  Can you tell me if this is all okay, the way I am
thinking about it?
*       Lantarnek:  Your question gives opportunity for me to
illustrate a lesson I planned for you all today.  It has to do
with the recognition of your involvement, emplacement in the pro-
cess of both the discovery of God and the descending efforts of
revelation from the Father to others.  
        Last week Darid spoke of the container that holds your
treasures and illustrated how disturbed human beings can be with
their human qualities that seem short of their high ideals of the
divine character.   When it is spoken that you can do good work
if you leave yourself out, I would like to qualify that, that
which you ought to leave out is your deliberate obsession over
yourself.  If such concern with the removal of self were to be
taken too literally, even Michael in his earth life would have
been stymied in any efforts at outreach, for you know full well
his message radiated the quality of his being.  
        To discover your friends in this communication medium is
revealing to you a continuum, in a sense a path that leads from
your wholly human, earthbound self to the central high spiritual
hub of all things, that is your supreme Creator.  Between these
extremes lies a vast spectrum which may be likened to the spokes
of a wheel.  Your initial traversal of a spoke toward the center
will, of necessity, incorporate much of your current spiritual
understanding and the limitations of your functioning apparatus,
such as mind and neurology, glandular, the conditions which fo-
calize you as a specific creature here now.  Higher in your
ascent such contact with others will have more direct, clearer
transfer, for, like your spoke wheel, where you are closer to
each other, less gap exists between wherein your understanding is
limited to your range of reach.  Picture, if you will, residing
at the far end of a spoke with your fellow on another on the far
end, both seeking to touch.  Slide down the spoke toward the
center and, with this same effort on the part of both, you
eventually touch without any extension in the length of your
reach due to your ascension.  In the meantime the gap is filled
through the qualities of your limitations.  I assure you that
every effort you make to reach, even though accompanied with
filler from your human experiences to understand, is in itself a
catalyst toward your ascension.  In some sense, if you reach to
each other, who are in human form, there is distance.  But
picture, if you will, one who is further toward the center on
their spoke and you at the end.  There is even greater distance. 
So, for you to reach, you slide up the scale.  
        As you ponder your experience take note of the essential and
meaningful truth conveyed, of those qualities that you find
beautiful and good, for this is the  (Jonathan:  The image is
bigger than "connector", but that is all I can feel.)  This spans
your distance.  Your ability to undergo these experiences in the
future will be heightened through earnest recognition of where
you as a human mind have contributed to the interface.  
        So, I ask you to be wise in you discernment; that in effort
to clearly receive, do not lose sight of your involvement.  You
will not only be rewarded by the messages from these others but
likewise will gain deepened insight into yourself and how you in-
teract on these extended levels of soul experience.  
        In general comment I would also add to this topic that often
the human tendency is to regard oneself as wholly human and to
seek in the spiritual ascent to find the Father, going from the
outside and proceeding inward to find Him at the center of your
being.  This is good.  I ask you to begin to simultaneously
perceive yourself as descending from your central isle of the
Father, out through your mind and into your body and beyond. 
This will equally reveal to you the Father.  It  is an orienta-
tion, neither of which should replace the other.  
        Have I provided sufficient feedback for you?
        Sarah:  That was a wonderful answer.  I am overwhelmed.  I
will have to read this over and over again.  Thank you.  
*       Lantarnek:  You are welcome.  
        Granted the assurance that the Father loves you wholly and
unconditionally, you have every reason to accept yourself as such
and every justification for expressing yourself as who you are,
both as one who contains the Father in residence and one who has
been given the conditions of life and vehicle and awareness that
you have at this hour.  It is a simple exercise in acceptance. 
As you have illustrated this morning, the Paradise Sons do
undertake this same procedure as bestowal sons.  Such an
experience is sought after by a Paradise Creator Son.  This is
how valuable your human life is.   Though you are keen to weed
out those traits you discern to be a hindrance to your ascent,
know with assurance that these traits are part of the design.  It
need not be a battle, only a recognition of its value as a
        I desire your feedback.  I am not the sole teacher here
        Sarah:  I am very aware of God's will.  I will stop what I
am doing and go for that; you know that.  I am thinking of how to
integrate the spiritual and the physical.  I believe when I am
helping others I see God's work coming about where I don't have
anything to do with it.  I know a little bit, and it evolves into
just what the individual needs to hear in the groups I attend.  I
feel like I am not doing my spiritual work because I am not
meditating enough, reading the Bible enough, the things I call
spiritual.  At the same time I know that the human helpfulness is
God's work.  I remind myself to stop and help because I am in a
hurry to do my meditations and spiritual work.  I have to remind
myself that there is no difference.  It's like I feel guilty
because I spend valuable time and not have time left for
meditating.  I value the time I feel in God's presence, quiet
time.  Could you clarify that? 
*       Lantarnek:  You have well illustrated my points regarding
the human element of celestial ministry, and you have brought up
another factor worth considering.  That is what I would call
conversion rates.  Since you acknowledge the factor of ones's
personality and experience in conveying spirit truths to others,
since you have underlined the value of study and meditation, for
clarity I point out that this interior work increases your rate
at which you can convert the truths just beyond or nearly
immediately grasped by your fellows.  If you are so inclined you
may think of your computer modem speeds; the information is the
same; the conversion rate differs.  So, you can accept your
conversion rate ability that you presently have while you con-
tinually work to increase this rate.  It does require discipline
on your part, as you seem to frettingly express.  Likewise, may I
remind you that your blocks of time need not be lengthy, even
during such insignificant intervals as, say, walking down the
hall to a meeting room can be ample opportunity for preparation. 
It only requires attentiveness on your part to instigate such
preparatory procedures, to grab hold of the mind that is like a
revolving antenna, always seeking stimulus, and point it toward
the Father.  Is this helpful?
        Sarah:  Yes, it is helpful.  I think I can remember that
antenna bit.
*       Lantarnek:  I would like to provide an opening for my
fellows to speak and to allow you who are practicing such contact
to continue developing your skills.  So, I will pause through
Jonathan at this point.
*       Elyon (Sarah):  Hello, this is Elyon.  I have purposely
stood back to watch the movie of you taking care of yourselves. 
I feel this time for you to have to dig for answers....  I will
not be so ready to provide an easy answer for you because I feel
that you do need to look for the answer.  I think of a saying
that it really doesn't matter what you know, but being
intelligent means you know where to go to find the answer, such
as the meaning of a word.  It is little trouble to go to the
dictionary for you, and you need to know where to go for help, as
learning doesn't come as forcefully if someone is standing beside
you filling in all the answers, and you readily forget as fast as
you receive.  
        I have seen such great strides and advanced work from this
group.  I feel this is the time for me to back off and come in as
difficulty arises instead of holding your hands all the time.  I
hope you can be clear in the meaning I am trying to provide
today.  Can you see this?
        Group:  Yes. 
        Jonathan:  I see it like when I was a kid doing my homework,
my dad would sit there and help me focus, as you have been doing
with us.  There came a point in my schooling when his effort was
more, "have you done your homework yet?" to remind me to go to my
room and do it, but he wouldn't sit with me anymore.  That
process developed my abilities at teaching myself.  With that I
understand your approach.  
*       Elyon:  Perfectly said.  I will back up for others to
*       Malvantra (Daniel):  As it is our intention to train
teachers rather than simply students.  We are coming to a point
where you must now begin practicing how you will present the
curriculum to others.  Elyon and those of us who have been
training you in this will not so much tell you how to go about
the process of teaching.  Look at these sessions more as an
opportunity to learn the overall course work and to ask you
questions as to how you may the better present things.  But from
here you must each personally make the choices which will define
how you personally will teach.  
        For example, look at yourselves as first grade teachers. 
You have learned that there are many things that first graders
should know.  Yet each one of you will have a unique take on the
best way to share that information with your particular class. 
When you get together in a teacher conference you share those
things which you have discovered.  In turn this helps everyone
else to work with their own class.  Were a first grade teacher to
walk into the class of another and begin teaching, that teacher
would have some difficulties which they would not have in their
own classroom.  They would indeed understand that they are teach-
ing first graders so they would not be completely lost but
somewhat less effective working with young minds who were not
used to their unique approach.  
        You have all come very far in the short time that we have
been all together.  We have taught you much about the process of
learning and teaching.  Now is the time to put together your
class plans.  You may always come to us with questions regarding
difficulties you may have.  But we will far less frequently give
you the answers.  Rather we will attempt to help you to discover
the answers for yourselves.  
        I enjoy the time where we all work together.  I appreciate
your willingness to learn and grow.  I appreciate that which I
have in turn learned from you.  We all on this side can begin to
learn so much more from you once you recognize that you must
learn and discover in a more personal and direct manner.  
        I am Malvantra.
        Jill:  Concerning developing class plans, I think about my
work with the mentally ill.  We have a service plan of what the
government wants us to accomplish.  As I search for the ways I
have been guided to teach, my class plan is personal to each one. 
Am I missing something?  My plan is the faith to invite the
Father to use me for my client's highest good.  I request that
before working with each client.  And I see that what they need
is incorporated into that day's discussion.  Is such a simple
plan a good way to begin? 
*       Malvantra:  It is a good way to begin and it is a good way
to finish.  From your perspective it seems simple, yet for the
vast majority of humanity  that simple understanding is quite
elusive.  All of us who would teach according to the Father's
will must allow the Father to work through us as you have
discovered.  Your personal discovery of this technique to work
with and teach these people has taken you your lifetime up until
this point to accomplish.  When you have all the experiences
necessary then it is but a simple realization.  When you do not
yet have all the understanding, it is the first grader attempting
to understand calculus.
        Do you understand?
        Jill:  Yes.  Thank you.  My long term desire is to develop
my skills so I might teach others to use this same approach. 
Seeing the light of life in my clients who have felt dead for
years is an incredible experience of joy.  I would like others in
my social service field to one day be able to fully reach their
clients like this as well.
*       Malvantra:  What we would have you teach is how you have
come to make this realization so that others in turn can make it
for themselves.  You can not give the experience to them ready
made.  A child must learn all about life before they can live it
on their own successfully.  Each of you has a wealth of personal
experience which can help others to discover their own pathway.  
        I am proud to have each of you as companions who are also
students and teachers of mine.  
*       unidentified (Mary):  There is an understanding born of
personal experience which can truly be gained through no other
avenue; the understanding of God and divinity that you seek is
available to you through your experiences, through your delving
into the task of understanding your experiences.  Take these
experiences with you as you go out as teachers of the Father's
love.  Share your experiences; it is an incredibly powerful tool
for reaching your brothers and sisters.  You have been told this
before, but now you are beginning to understand this lesson by
experiencing it.  In sharing your experiences with others you
have learned, gained understanding of the usefulness of this
technique.  Take note.  Pursue this further.  God goes with you
as you take action in your lives.  God desires to be acting
through you.  Acknowledge this.  Take that with you.  Take Him
with you.  The potency of this experience on both sides is a
Supreme reality; God experiencing through you, and you experi-
encing God through your freewill devotion to Him.  What a cycle! 
What a beautiful, true, and good reality this is!  Your
participation is a voluntary gift that you can bestow, not only
on your brothers and sisters, but upon God and the universe.  
        Thank you for your willingness, for your participation. 
Thank you for displaying the courage to step out in faith and
display your belief in your actions.  The power of these actions
to influence the course of your planet is incredible.  You will
become thrilled by the success you will encounter when you step
out in faith, in full knowledge that you can make a difference,
that you do make a difference, that you are in that very moment
of taking action making a difference.  Ever will the path before
you be opening up new avenues.  Ever will God be seeking to
display and show Himself through you in new ways.  Ever will you
be granted the opportunity to pursue your desires in harmony with
God's will.  Do not be afraid to entertain these desires. 
Indulge in these desires to do God's will.  We look forward to
the experience of the unfoldment of the Supreme reality through
each and every one of your diligent faith efforts.  Again I say
thank you.   
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Urantia Book Page 2076:
"When there is so much good truth to publish and proclaim, why
should men dwell so much upon the evil in the world just because it
appears to be a fact? The beauties of the spiritual values of truth are
more pleasurable and uplifting than is the phenomenon of evil."

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