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Northwest Teaching Mission Gathering
June 21, 1997
Saturday night, a session in Loon Lake cabin.  

*       Michael  (David):  My children, it gives me pleasure to
watch you enjoy yourselves, to watch you share your presence,
your feelings of love with each other.  I am moved that such love
can be expressed with a glance, with a smile.  You children are
so special; I want you to know that.  You are so special to me. 
There are no words to express the depth of feelings I have in
these momensts as you gather and look into your hearts.  Seek to
feel your spirit, feel your soul.  If you imagine how I feel, you
will know how I feel.  Those of you who are fathers and mothers
know this special love and desire for good things that you wish
for your children.  It is no different than me. 
        I sometimes watch you suffer from things which long ago had
origin, having nothing to do with your participation.  But such
is the path that I took before you.  It is all taken note. (?)  
You are miracles.  You're so loved by so many.  You will remember
these days as I remember these days; you will understand.  
        Jesus somewhere said that wherever two or more of you gather
there also shall I be.  I tell you there need not even be two,
for I am with you always.   I leave you, but I do not leave you,
with my blessings.  

*       Solonia  (Daniel):  Greetings, I am Solonia.  I am enjoying
being here among such artisans, artists, expressions of our
parents.  You each have discovered about yourselves something
very precious, and this gem is your expression of our parents,
Michael and Nebadonia.  You are equal in potential to many of us,
and you are discovering that the gifts you personally have to
share are of great value, of great beauty.  You each share truth
and goodness through your art; it is your gifts.  
        This gathering, though small in number, has a very deep
intensity of talent.  You have all learned how to be the Father's
partner in creating beauty, in sharing the divine love. 
        I have enjoyed very much working with this mission of
teaching.  That which I have discovered through knowing all of
you gives new meaning to faith, new meaning to trust, new meaning
to the term all works towards good for those who attempt to do
the will of our heavenly Parent.  Proceed in those ways which
come up in front of you.  Your path is revealed as you take each
Already have you been instruments in the symphony of this
planet's healing. 
        I will step back for others who would speak with you.

*       Machiventa  (Mark Rogers):  Machiventa here.  I would
address you tonight as my brethren in that Michael and Nebadonia
are our sovereigns, and we as Melchizedeks have been asked to
educate you as to a new reference within your beings for
accessing Michael and Nebadonia.  Like you, I am always touched
by contact with the greatness of Michael, however, he desires to
become more familiar to you, to be more accessible to you. 
Indeed, he desires to share your very existence with you.  This
is what you have to give to your creator if you allow yourselves
to open fully to sharing your inner life with your
Father/Brother.  This is the greatest possible gift that you can
give your creator for all that he has given you.  He desires
nothing more of you in this life than to walk with you hand in
hand as a brother, as an equal, to live the life he has given as
fully as you are able to share it with him.
        We are attempting to break away some of the long-standing
barriers which prohibit you approaching, of being as great as
your creator.  It is not necessary to assume the attitude of
unworthiness or unapproach-ability; it is not Michael's desire
that you do this.  If you encounter this obstacle within your
being, it is desired that you examine this obstacle and make
every attempt to overcome it as quickly in your ascension plan as
you are able.  This will allow you greater access to spiritual
truth, values, and wisdom enabling you to live a higher, better
life, which in turn enables you to share with Michael that
higher, better life, which in turn enables you to reach out and
be of assistance to those around you through the example of your
better life.  This is the natural progression and as it should
        We, the melchizedeks, are undertaking this education as to
the accessibility of your sovereign.  We desire to help you as
ones who can more fully understand your present mind condi-tions. 
We are available to you as are a host of other celestials who
desire nothing more than to be of assistance to you.  All we ask
is that you let us help, is that you simply open up your being to
us, to help you effect the necessary changes in your structure,
to elevate yourselves to the next level of your ascension.  You
are right now at the hardest part.  From here on out, given the
start you have right now and the knowledge you have acquired up
to this point, the rest truly is downhill.  Simply allow the
process you know to be correct to run its natural course.  It is
a balance between staying out of the way and desiring to
        You all are as bright shining luminescent beams emanating
from your being out.  Indeed, this is how we recognize you.  In
your next daily encounters seek to walk with Michael.  Ask him in
to share your life with you.  Ask to share of him his strength,
his wisdom, his peace.  These are all yours for the asking, and
likewise, your life, should you choose to share it with Michael,
is then his.  
        Thank you for your attention tonight.  There are many others
who could speak, and there are also many questions.  As you wish. 

*       Gabriel  (Bob):  Reach in for a moment this night, my
friends.  Al-though I do not reside on Urantia, I hail from the
universe capital, it is my pleasure to send my regards.  I am
Gabriel, and it is my honor this evening to speak to you of
matters concerning the reestablishment, the correction of affairs
on Urantia.  There is one supreme purpose that you must concern
yourselves with, and that is to grow and to experience through
your seeking the realities, the truths, which exist in the
various circumstances of your lives.  There is no particular duty
that you must fulfill.  The awareness of your relationship to God
and your relationship to the universe are the first concern we
have for you.
        Life has many joys to offer, and we have recognized that
true happiness is the lacking ingredient for many on this world. 
You are given much knowledge.  You search and you strive to know
truth and its source.  But the happiness I speak of is the
relaxing into the realization of your participation in a cosmic
family.  The membership requirements are few; the chance of
failure is slim.  To those who try there is none.  If you would
accept your life as you do in various degrees as an opportunity
for originality, an opportunity to place the human/divine
partnership into action for the creation of better, higher
methods of living, then no other thing would be required of you. 

        The Teaching Mission is designed to free up mortals to be
real, to diminish the inhibitors of personality expression, to
create the arena where the soul can grow at its most high, effec-
tive levels.  Your art is your life; create a masterpiece.  
        It is truly my honor to communicate with you this night in
relationship to my brothers and sisters in the presence of my
Father.  I will withdraw and your residing teachers are surely
willing to receive commentary from you and to interact and speak
with you, with your willingness.  Good night.

(A personal session followed.) 

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