Elyon and friends 06/08/97

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June 8, 1997
*       Malvantra (Sheila TR):  As there are very many illnesses on
your planet, there are, indeed, that many healings.  You are all
healers in various aspects.  Healing can be of the physical, the
mental.  Many need healing of confusion they experience.  Many
need healing for compassion.  Some need healing to rid anger and
hate, and this goes on.  It is your uniqueness that gives you the
ability to heal in the areas where it is needed.  Because of your
lack of understanding of which areas need healing, there is much
healing going on that you are unaware of.  We would encourage you
to continue to explore your own ideas, feelings, love for your
brothers and sisters here, for the healing has not stopped.  It
is continuing and growing.  
        You are of greatness.  The only thing lacking is your
acknowledgment of the settled works that are going on with your
participation with one another.  Even a healing of the moment, a
healing for the day, is as much a miracle as for perhaps 5 or 10
years.  They are equal in the exchange of love.  The exchange of
love is the ultimate healing; it is the ultimate miracle, and it
is truly our Father's will how long this can be for.  The
relationship between the one who needs healing and the Father is
truly the only one real relationship.  The transfer of love
between you and the one who needs healing is the transfer of God,
the love being the true healer.  
        With each association with the idea of healing you have
placed healing within yourself.  This is truly an experience that
can be valued for yourself as well, for what you give is re-
turned.  Your exchange of love is the ultimate gift.  I encourage
this gift-giving to everyone who you encounter.  The exchange of
love will discourage disease, and this will be how Light and Life
will be achieved.  
        Thank you for this time.  I send my love as a healing to you
all.  In exchange you may send your love to the next.  May we
begin this domino effect of healing and continue, for in time it
will be possible that the greater mass will be healed and
continue to stay that way.  
        I am Malvantra; I wish upon you a good day.  
*       Elyon (Mark):  Greetings, this is your friend and one among
you in service, Elyon.  I would offer a few brief perspectives,
one that from my perspective of time you all will very shortly be
awarded new senses of appreciation as to function and
relationship, as to your pieces in the puzzle.  To all those who
sincerely desire to function in accordance with the highest
values they perceive, you will be awarded an enhanced
appreciation of these values and of your function in relation to
them.  From my vantage point I see this as coming to pass
quickly.  Perhaps from your vantage point, a little longer.  
        I would also urge you to refrain from making judgements
regarding the value of either disease or of the healing thereof. 
Picture, if you will, the fact that many of the diseases among
your people are unobservable in their very causes and are only
slightly visible in their effects.  I would suggest to you that
healing is the same principle.  One does not readily observe the
many facets and potentials of the healing process, rather one
simply observes the seemingly limited effects.  Therefore I would
propose that you are not privy to all of the information.  You
are not knowledgeable as to the inner workings of the disease or
of the cure.  Therefore, to draw conclusions and formulate
opinions based on the effects will simply prove inaccurate or
incomplete.  It will not be for some time in your ascension that
you are granted more complete wisdom as to causes and effects,
with which the better to make a determination.  We realize that
from your perspective much seems random and even negative when
those around you suffer seemingly needlessly.  I will tell you
but you will not fully embrace the fact that there is a purpose
surrounding every function attending any individual.  
        You have mentioned faith as a potential powerful tool to use
in affecting the course, and you are correct.  Faith is a very
powerful tool and one to be honed during your life on this
planet; the finer the edge you can hone your faith to, the more
effective it will be for you in this life.  If you were granted
with complete success at all times in your endeavors to alter any
given situation, the element of faith which you are responsible
for honing would not be nearly so finely tuned as it will be with
your constantly reaching out in faith, even in the face of
adversity or apparent failure.  Things which may seem your
greatest hardship at this time are indeed your greatest faith
builders if you allow them to so function.  You may call this a
necessary evil at times, to permit you the fertile ground for
honing the faith skills.  There is never an effort at any
unnecessary cruelty or hardship on any individual.  However, many
times the vicissitudes of life are simply allowed to run their
natural course as a means for a proving ground, as a learning
skill to be used by whoever is contacted and whoever surrounds
the situation.  
        I would always encourage you, however, to develop this faith
skill, as it does have an impact upon your personal relation to a
given situation.  It is not possible for your faith to radically
redetermine another's condition or path, but it is very possible
that the degree that you have developed your faith may very well
alter or change the course in any situation arising involving
your own person.  So, doubt not the value of this tool and seek
to hone this skill in this life, since in no other life will you
be provided the fertile ground for this development as you are in
this life.  
        There is an apparent multitude of teachers available today. 
I would remove myself from center field to allow for any of the
other teachers.  I would be happy to entertain any comments or
questions should they be directed at me.    
        John:  In the book "Mutants Down Under" there were two tribe
members who did some energy work on a broken leg that was healed
in a day.  Was it their faith that allowed them to do it, theirs
and the patient's?  
*       Elyon:  Indeed, from time to time great faith is exhibited
in individuals causing a phenomenon which you might recognize as
a timewarp or alteration of sorts.  When such supreme faith is
exhibited it is indeed an actual fact that the individuals
involved can circumvent certain effects of time and nature.  This
represents a supreme attainment for a mortal and is an ex-
ceedingly rare occurrence but has to do with Supreme faith and
trust and willingness to believe.  Modern man is largely consumed
with facts and is extremely hesitant to accept any reality
contradictory to the known stated facts of his world.  In fact,
there are very few constant, unchangeable facts in your world. 
You simply, as a people, function on what you have previously
observed as being consistent.  This does not mean that there are
not irregularities in this but rather that as a whole this cause
is preceded by this effect, more often than not.
        I would cause you to reflect on the statement of Michael to
believe as a child, not to believe in an immature state but
rather to believe in an accepting and open-minded condition so as
to not be preconditioned that phenomenon always follow the same
path and have the same effect.  In fact, this is an extremely
fluid sphere, and, while most things happen a certain way most of
the time, there are vast exceptions to the rules.  These
exceptions are determined largely by one's willingness to accept
a different scenario than the usual one.  This happens constantly
throughout humanity in small instances everyday: things do not
happen according to plan; so-called miracles, so-called acts of
God, so-called synchronicities.  These are slight variations or
aberrations from the normal operating procedures of physical
effects.  Is this sufficient?
        John:  Yes, thank you.  
*       unidentified  (Michael):   Please allow me to offer a
perspective.  Do your motions through your life as a point with a
ray of light following.  As you proceed you encounter other
points.  These chance encounters offer you opportunities of
different sorts of manifestations; sometimes you will be asked to
assist as a healer, other times as a counselor; sometimes it is
your turn to learn, to receive.  But take the opportunity at each
intersection to recognize potentials and to actualize them in the
form that is appropriate at that point in time and space.  
        Now look further ahead and see that in your fairly near
future many points of light will be converging at your con-
ference.  The potentials here are compounded.  You can count on
activities to take place that will promote your growth and under-
standing.  We see opportunities like this ahead and prepare for
them.  We have our hopes and expectations.  We see you as sea-
soned kindling ready for ignition.  (chuckles)  Come prepared,
for we have made preparations.  
        Thank you.  
*       Elyon (Mark):  An exercise in preparation might very well be
to look at your accepted framework of reality as a potential
limitation to your growth.  In the next period of days strive to
be more aware of your comfort zone; your framework of accepted
truth should be examined as potentially a limitation in your
complete experience of total reality.  I urge you to examine your
set of realities, and at each opportunity raise the question to
yourself, "Would I be willing to extend beyond my boundaries of
comfort and known reality to accept a higher and different
reality?  Am I willing to step outside my sphere of comfort in
faith to experience the greater sphere of all?  Have I in any way
painted myself into a corner with my reality?"  This exercise is
designed simply to increase the scope of your awareness that you
may be open to benefits to be derived from the experience of your
conference, to approach more as a small child who simply observes
and does not attempt to rule whether or not this fits in with
their reality.  Small children accept everything they observe as
their reality until they are conditioned not to do so.  Therefore
I urge you to take this stance and arrive at the conference with
a more open mind than you have enjoyed so that you may come away
from the conference with even greater benefits than you would
have imagined.  I'm sure you will all function most adequately
under these guides.
*       Michael (Jonathan):  At times I leave my ranchhouse on
Salvington, and I visit the big city of Paradise to commune with
the Father, to be refreshed and to fellowship with the many
homesteaders about the universe.  When I return to the
countryside of Nebadon and visit the back fourty as I do today
with you, I find the great grid of the Father's love is
encircuited even out here.  I do with all earnest intent wish to
forever implant within you the solemn awareness that the Father
is no further away than within your own being.  I have realized
this as I walked on your world, and I wish that my children
continually develop this same understanding and above all
experience this understanding.  You are my flock, and I care for
you deeply, for not only do I bring the Father from Paradise to
you, I am in the care of my Father who resides within you. 
Though we look to Him who is the highest of all, we must likewise
realize that every one of us contains this same divine source. 
This is the secret of love and of peace on earth.  With this I
charge you all to love one another.  
        Ginny:  Thank you, Michael, for your loving words.
*       Will (Mary):  The love of God surrounds this planet.  The
love of God resides within each of your hearts.  It reaches out
in all known and unknown reality to touch everything.  It is
everything; it is the highest reality  engulfing each of you as
individuals, engulfing all of us as a group.  It is the ultimate
source of our unity.  It is our goal; it is our purpose.  Proceed
forth in conscious acceptance of this.  Accept your role in this
scheme of things as you encounter it.  You are all beautiful
children of God.  Beauty is manifest within each of you as indi-
viduals.  Go forth bearing the truth as you know it to others, to
yourself, to God Himself.  The will of God need not be so
        Mary:  I believe this to be Will.  

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