Teacher session 4/20/97

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April 20, 1997
* Machiventa (Sandy TR): This is Machiventa, and I do have
Now that you are together I would like to bring across the
idea that our group practice being a family and showing
unconditional love to one another. This would be closer if each
of you took a real interest in how the other members are doing in
their personal lives as well as in the spiritual life. The
burdens and fights for survival could be handled much easier if
we could join together and help each other as a family unit.
This exercise could bring about the idea of complete sisterhood
and brotherhood. To be an example with your teachers at the
steering wheel could bring deep emotional love for, first, your
group members and after you have seen the miracles, take it on
outside of your group.
To truly begin being teachers we must feel free to do and to
ask of each other the truth of how each of you really feels and
join together to applaud challenges and especially the happiness
in your lives, much as you have been talking before I started to
talk. The key word from us is brotherhood, and this can be taken
beyond the existence of day by day chores and thoughts and
silence, when you do know you should make that phone call because
you know or you feel that the members of your group need to be in
Brotherhood and sisterhood can be taken to great heights,
but the foundation needs to be good living everyday, thoughts of
the other person, just to do such things as make that phone call.
Say: you are terribly busy, but I love you today and make the
other feel so loved that the outside world really has trouble
getting in front of your happiness.
This subject will be presented to you as a goal, not neces-
sarily for yourselves, but for us, as it is a part of the mission
that is loose, flapping in the breeze, not brought together, and
it would take so little adjustment with each of you to become
that strong family unit. I ask that you think about this, and
now I will let others speak.
* Helen (Gloria): I would like to do a small process. Sit
quietly, clear your minds. Think peaceful thoughts. Take a
piece of light from each of you, form a ball of light in the
center of your circle. Take one of your strengths and put it in
the ball of light. Enlarge the ball of light that has a strength
from each one of you and expand the light out over the group.
Have it filter down into each of you, and become aware of the
feeling of the different strengths from each one coming in to you
individually. This is a sharing process where one will have a
strength which will be another's weakness, to help strengthen the
bonds and help each other build your individual foundations with
your strengths.
This week I want you to take the strength that you picked
and build on it. As you feel your weaknesses come up, put them
into this strength to build upon the weakness. This will allow
you to see more of your strength and less of your weakness, to
fill the gap that the weakness provides, to put the mortar in the
dam so that it doesn't always feel like it is about to give way.
You may want to write this strength on a piece of paper and
attach it to your refrigerator or bathroom mirror to remind
yourselves of this strength and the purpose of the lesson this
week. You may even want to keep notes of the weaknesses that
come up and your feelings of when you put the weakness into the
strength, to notice how it is no longer weak. As you feel
stronger you can add more strengths each day. But for this week
I would ask that you work on one strength so that you can become
familiar, intimate, with it, for many do not see their strengths,
only their weaknesses. This will allow you to know that you have
Are there any questions?
Ginny: This week I was trying to use my intuition more. It
turned out that what I thought was my intuition was an
embarrassing, incorrect judgement. So, is intuition always
correct? Please clarify between intuition and judgement.
* Helen: Intuition is like a bright light, a light bulb that
goes on. Sometimes it can be instantaneous and very quick. The
clouding of the intuition by the ego can be like a veil worn over
a hat, that is habit, and also the way you lived for so long,
depending upon the ego to guide you through all matters of life,
not realizing that there was another part of you that could give
you definition, give you answers, give you clarity. When
emotional matters are demanding attention, are ruling one's life
at any particular time, the obsessing and dwelling on the emotion
brings one into the ego for answers and brings cloudiness to the
intuition. The intuition is giving answers; the ego is trying to
muddy up the waters of the intuition. It comes out in a clarity
that seems clear at the time but is not reality. This takes
practice and time as with the lesson you just experienced. In
the experience you had you can see the cloudiness and the event
as it unfolded by stepping outside of it as if you were watching
a movie. You do not have to get involved in it again. But you
can get another perspective, a clearer definition of discernment
on what side outweighed the other when you were determining your
answers, determining your reality, your clarity. You can look at
it as a scale with the weights on each side. Which side is
heavier? Which side is giving you answers? The intuition on one
side, the illusion - if you want to call it that - of the ego on
the other was not allowing the clarity, not allowing the time.
Attempt to go into the intuitive part of your mind, of your
being, and stick there a greater length of time than staying in
the obsessing, dwelling part of the ego.
It becomes like a battle being waged between the two when
you are aware that you have this intuitive part that can bring
crystal clear answers. The more you attempt to go into the
intuitive, the more the ego is going to rally and attempt to take
over because what it sees is through its own perception which, as
you have found out, is not always so. It takes a fine tuning and
practice to get to know your intuition, learn to value it and
learn to love the ego but not allow it to take over. It can
become like a small child; it takes discipline with love in that
you have to put it in its place and go to your intuition, your
crystal clear thinking, your Thought Adjuster, your voice within
to give you that clarity. The ego has to be quiet in order to
allow this. Then you will be able to come to a point of being
able to hear that voice within. Be aware that the ego is doing
its dance but do not become more involved with the dance of the
ego than the clarity of the intuition. Does this help?
Ginny: Yes, thank you.
Jonathan: Thank you for the visualization exercise of
putting our strengths together. It highlighted Machiventa's
address about family.
Ginny: I experienced that this week in a very real way, a
group giving me their strongest insights. It was wonderful.
* Helen: We have plans to further the depth of these lessons
in that you will be able to open to each other as you now open to
the teachers. When one wants to send another an idea through the
unconditional love, this is putting aside all control, all issues
of what you think the other one should do. When you are truly
trying to help your brother or sister through unconditional love,
and you are seeking answers from the Father, from the voice
within, you will be able to send this insight to your brother and
sister, and they will be able to receive it. These openings will
be one of the things we will want to work with in the future in
lessons to come. For now when you feel one of your strengths
come up, as you work on this one strength this week, we would ask
that you send that strength out to each other in this manner. In
that way each can collect these strengths from the other, for
each one is so different and unique and complicated in their own
mechanisms that you can give understanding and definition to each
other through this kind of unconditional love. That puts you
outside of yourself in what you think you need to do, should do,
for them or what you think they should be doing. It will be com-
ing directly from the pureness of your heart, and your intent
will be through the will of the Father. If you don't understand
this, that is completely understood, for it is, in itself, a
learning process that you go through in your ascension to
understand the will of the Father. But anywhere that you can
start is most rewarding to do it with the clarity of the pureness
when you are asking for answers for each other and sending this
gift of your own intuitive answers to them.
Thank you. This is Helen. I came through before, and I
have been assigned to your group to give some of these lessons.
I am working with Malvantra. We work together on compiling
things. I am going to be delivering a few of them along with his
assistance. Thank you very much for your time today. You are
all lights, I must say. I must add also that when you think your
lights have gone out, they never completely go out. Where you
stand they might become dim, but they are not extinguished
anymore and can be completely brought back to their fullness.
Group: Thank you, welcome to our group.
Gloria: I've been reading about the mind, that it is
located in the heart center. When we go behind the eyes to find
the center and meditate there, I find the center is no longer
there but has expanded way out. So, through my practice of doing
this is it a natural expansion? Am I going more to the center of
my being whereas before I was going behind my eyes to get
focused? My center is becoming larger, right?
* Elyon (Jonathan): I will address this, Elyon speaking. I
have been preparing a message for you all; your question
amplifies what I would convey.
You are correct in your understanding of mind and heart, as
you are also aware that even the Father's Fragment does not
reside in any specific location in your body. We have spoken of
the behind-the-eyes in the past and also of the notion of the son
of man and Son of God being two aspects of yourself. And I
illustrate that these two aspects are much like an hourglass. As
you work upon your human nature you are behaving like a son of
man and making the effort to attain the Father. The human side
of your being tends to locate those aspects of itself that are
intangible in some concrete location, for it brings the physical
When you are exhausted from your efforts to rise, to ascend,
to become cosmically aware, also take time to be the Son of God
and reveal the life within you. Let it pour down from the upper
half of the hourglass into your human nature to be shared. Where
the two halves meet is the heart and mind. In one sense this
juncture appears tiny, but as you have asked, it is the great
opening. The connection between these two realms of your being
is really of no actual size; it incorporates the dimensions of
both halves. It is from this intersection that you view the
great expanse in each direction. This is the enormity you sense.
There is a depth to your human origins that you as a race have
yet to understand. You have a better understanding of your
spiritual destiny than you do your genetic legacy.
I hope that what I chose to convey has also addressed your
question. Do you have comments?
Gloria: Yes, it helped a lot.
Another questions concerns addictions and food cravings.
Ham addressed this well and helped a lot. To turn it over is
difficult because it takes complete sincerity. The craving is so
strong; I am sincere, yet cravings lessen the sincerity. Also am
I understanding the light in that my light can adjust my blood
sugar and reprogram my body and mind if I would just allow it to
happen and not get so caught up in craving? Instead, if I crave
the light and the Father, I would be adjusting the craving.
* Elyon: You are making progress in your understanding as I
witness your expression here. I would return to the hourglass
analogy. The cravings you experience that have negative
repercussions are much like the glass where the sand has
completely fallen to the bottom, and now you are craving the
movement. Turn the glass over and let the, as you have said,
light pour back into your being. It is the dynamics of spirit
that fulfills. When you are bottom-heavy in your son of man
dimension, the cravings can lead to poor habits. This is the
time to rotate and then become top-heavy with your spirit
dimension. The movement itself of light and love, of truth
awareness, will clear you of the negative outworking.
Craving itself is not a thing to remove from your being, for
it is a signal of a need. It is what your Thought Adjuster
relies upon in order to minister to you. It is a loud form of
asking. It is when you focus toward solution, fulfillment of the
craving, that you are either entering into a stumble or beginning
to receive a higher standing for yourself.
Does this help?
* Gloria: Yes. I'm getting that it is a combination of
spirit and good food to balance the blood sugar.
* Elyon: Yes, for you are both spirit entity and an animal
Gloria: So, not to rely on the material part of me to
balance the blood sugar but to bring in the combination?
* Elyon: Correct.
Gloria: Okay, good. Thank you very much. I always wanted
an hourglass figure!
* Elyon: I would close my little presentation by making one
last point, and that is the significance of the hourglass lies in
the entire space within it. There is no membrane that separates
your God-aspect and your man-aspect. It is as one in closure.
The imagery of the pinch in the center is in order that we may
present truths that may be edifying, which is part of your entire
being. Thank you.
Gloria: Thank you. That was good.
Tom: I'd like to ask Jessona if she has any comments.
* Jessona (Gloria): The reward in the risking is so much
greater than the unfulfillment in sitting on the stool. Cast your
love out as a large fishnet, not so much to bring in huge catches
but to allow it to go where it is needed. Do not try so much to
direct it by influence, but allow it to filter out where it is
needed. Know that the love is being taken by special messengers
and that you do not have to weigh heavily with the responsibility
of doing that.
* Nebadonia (Ginny): Each of you has somewhat of a
difficulty with allowing your reaching out to have its own flow.
In your service of our Father each effort that is made is a most
glorious one. In this season of growth and rebirth the image of
the seed is a good one to use in understanding your efforts at
service, that each effort that you make toward sharing the light
of our Father will have different reactions in accordance with
where each soul is in its growth. The image of a plant is a good
one for it becomes a plant through many, many stages of growth,
the first one being the seed, only after the ground had been
prepared to receive it. That may be all that you are to do.
Some other's efforts may be responsible for nurturing the soil so
that the seed may grow. Someone else may be responsible for
nourishing the plant so that it may grow further, developing
leaves, stem, roots. Only after a successive series of events
can the plant grow to maturity. That is the law of evolution.
Be assured that every effort that you make toward sharing the
love of our Father is of tremendous importance in our mission.
Do not so much dwell on whether or not you have succeeded, but in
your assurance that no loving intention of yours, is ever lost.
We too must be patient with our progress with each of you as
you must be with those whom you serve. Allow your light to
shine, and we will take care of the rest. We congratulate each
of you who makes efforts to allow your light to become brighter
and is trying to lessen the impact of ego. We are pleased at all
your efforts in your intention to serve. You all are tremendous
lights in this hour of need.
As you sit in your stillness, as you quiet the noise of your
minds and allow your love and light to flow, your task will
become much easier.
This is your loving mother Nebadonia.
Jonathan: I have this image of how Michael would plant his
seeds and, as The Urantia Book says, he never followed up. His
trust was so complete in the Father's ministry he could continue
on, as you encouraged us to with the idea of gardening. I tend
to "finish everything on my plate." In light of Machiventa's
comments on family, if we all partake family-style from the same
bowl we can do our part and let others do their parts, as well.
>From that perspective I don't have to feel like I have to
complete the entire task; I am part of a bigger family that works
together. Reflecting on that and finding out that it is you,
Nebadonia, who is speaking, I feel great connection to that
family knowing that you are our source of mind and the very
presence of Nebadon that we are all part of. Thank you.

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