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October 27, 1996
* Christ Michael (Sandy TR): This is Christ Michael. Listen
for God's message in the stillness. Our Father pours his love
into you.
* Elyon (Ginny): My message is that I give to you my healing
energy to heal others. You have all demonstrated this morning
perfectly just how much ability you have. We are smiling at your
success in doing this. You have demonstrated this morning how
you all indeed have demonstrated your abilities and gifts as
teachers, as healers, as comforters, as ones who can give infor-
mation, comfort to those in need. Remember that we cannot do
anything without your permission and without your openness and
It would be good for all of you to depend more on each other
as teachers than to always think that our lessons are better than
yours. There is no difference when you come from a loving space.
Have faith in your own abilities. Trust that you indeed are
ready to infuse those who you meet with your understanding and
enthusiasm for truth. I, indeed, consider it a privilege to work
with you. I consider it no different than my ascension. So I
continue to encourage all of you to take the time, do the still-
ness, have trust and faith in your abilities to be an ambassador
of light and life.
You all have improved immensely in your ability to assist
each other. It would be good for you to look upon each other
with this in mind. Each of you carries a special light and a
special understanding that is important in the process, and each
of these manifestations is important. When I say that I join
you, I mean I join you. I am now one with you. So, think of me
and speak with me like an equal, as a colleague. That is my
perception of you. This is your friend and teacher Elyon.
* Frosty: I seem to be getting this contact with the teac-
hers. More and more there's an inner voice that leads and di-
rects me. Could somebody comment on that, please?
* Lantarnek (Jonathan): You have been following a procedure
that we have sought to instill here, that being, we attempt to
lead you toward this inner contact. The master presented you
with a revelation of his Father. He, however, credited his
teaching to the Father when complemented for his wisdom. We
teachers aspire toward the same. We can only credit your
Father's presence for any realization of the meanings we convey.
Your receptivity indicates circle advancement. Contact of this
nature will increase both in frequency and clarity. Our presence
will not cease to be available, for we are your brothers and wish
to fellowship. Nonetheless, direct contact with the Divine
within is tantamount to any other contact.
This accomplishment, if attained by all, would make all
photon belts pale by comparison. I am Lantarnek.
Frosty: Thanks. I love when it happens, and it is
happening more frequently, with stronger vibrations, and with
greater clarity. Sometimes it feels like it's booming throughout
my whole being, which I've never felt before.
To clarify, when I interact with the teachers, it will come
through the same TR method as before. When that inner voice is
there, it's from my Thought Adjuster, my higher Gloria. My
contact with you will be as it has been? Am I understanding?
* Lantarnek: We release our messages through your minds with
the consent of yourself and the Father's presence. This entry is
allowed and facilitated by your Adjuster and you. When you
receive your contact from the inner voice, this message is
already present within you.
You are correct to realize the soul that is Gloria is
equally capable of releasing information to you, the human
Frosty. These messages are as valuable as one from myself, even
more so because they have already taken root in your being. In
the overcoming of doubt and uncertainty this form of illumination
will establish itself as very trustworthy, though each point of
origin - we teachers, the Father's presence, your soul
reservoir - merge in consciousness to be realized by yourself.
The inner voice does not have the mechanisms of transfer that can
interfere like we, your brethren, encounter. Helpful?
Frosty: Yes, thank you. I feel comfortable and trusting of
this. I haven't had the doubt and confusion that I've had with
some of the messages. It seems like my conscious mind brings
things through that are just fiddle-faddle, but when this inner
message comes through, it is without a doubt full of clarity. I
still get the ringing in the ears, you guys calling, "Frosty!".
The process I am going through now, going farther into my
subconscious, superconscious, you will be working with these and
with Gloria and my Thought Adjuster. I'll keep myself open.
Ringing the ears is the best way to get my attention. I'm very
* Lantarnek: One more comment. Picture, if you will, life as
in the ground upon which you stand and your body as a fire ring
of stones that encircle a small part of this totality of reality.
Within it is the kindling of your concepts and the true fuel of
your experiences all ignited by the Divine Spark and blazing as
your soul. You give off the light of truth, the heat of love,
and consume in smoke and ashes your pains and fears.
We, your teachers, are merely a breeze to help fan the
flames. You are the ones who burn brightly.
Group: That was beautiful, thank you.
* Lantarnek: You are welcome.
Mark: I'd like to express to the teachers in general and to
Elyon specifically, because he has been with our group the
longest, I can't adequately say how much teacher contact has
meant to us. We may possess the fuel for the fire, but for me,
the breeze you provided has been strong and certain and has
caused the flames of my soul to rise to an unprecedented height.
I am eternally grateful for this; we all appreciate the contact.
We desire only to burn brighter, be warmer with love. Thank
* Lantarnek: This is received by all of us warmly.
Ginny: I don't want to be obsessed by this photon thing, I
just want to understand. Is there a difference between what we
call the photon belt and the opening of the circuitry?
* Lantarnek: The differences are of the nature of paradigm.
The effort both celestially speaking from personalities and in
the nature of the cosmos, will bring the same result. Shifts of
epochal proportions on your planet are not new. Comprehension
and descriptions of them are varied. The circuitry as a
phenomenon that could be revealed to you was meaningless prior to
your scientific advancement in electricity. Likewise with pho-
tons.... (Tape flipped) As the centuries unfold your increased
comprehension will describe the influx we provide in new terms.
But in the end the source is the same: the outpouring of ministry
on your world for upliftment and advancement. Even the early
Christians comprehended coming transformation, though their
imagery was described through creatures rather than mechanics,
different than the modern setting. Does this help?
Ginny: A little. Our increased awareness is part of the
physical phenomena?
* Lantarnek: Yes. Both go hand in hand. The ministry to
your world advances proportional to your receptivity, your
asking. Your projective descriptions of our ministry condition
our presentation. Souls fertile to receive promote the
outpouring and signal the inauguration of deeper efforts. This
world would not be allowed the transformation without conditions
existent for its reception. Your mind and soul aspirations
prevail over physical conditions as it pertains to revelations.
We cannot fix this world without you here fixing it with us. It
would not serve your growth or fulfill the Paradise plan of
experiential attainment. Is this better?
Ginny: Yes, thank you. So, people don't get zapped, so to
speak, unless conditions are ready.
* Lantarnek: On the whole, yes. I would add that this world
has been noticeably detrimentally altered in ages past. Some of
your adjustments will appear more drastic. As you increase your
receptivity, there will be more determined and greater reaching
efforts to pull you back to the projected point you could've at-
tained by this time.
Ginny: So, things are going to change because we have asked
for it?
* Lantarnek: Indeed.
* unidentified (Frosty): Habitat for Humanity through
intuition rather than the goals of always how to change and rear-
range everything in order to fit some particular set of plans
will be what is needed in the near future. There is not too much
left upon Urantia to change and rearrange unless it is begun
again what has been changed before to fit one plan. The constant
flux of this motion will have to cease and a more intuitive
perspective will have to start taking place in order to stop and
take a breather and set some values upon what is needed. This
will be part of your growth, part of the tools that you will
begin to master, to have this insight into what is needed, rather
than to quickly get out the bulldozers and the chain saws and the
smoke stacks. Rather, a few at first and a lot later in order to
go into the marketplace, the planning stages will have to be done
differently. There will be those of you who have the desire
needed in order to fulfill this, who can go the top and talk to
those who have their minds set in the same old patterns that have
been the norm for years.
This pattern, this mold, has to be broken. A greater set of
plans will accommodate and include the whole of humanity and not
just those who it inspires for the moment to fulfill some sort of
greed, or instant gratification without including the whole in
this set of plans.
This is just to set another spark in the ring of the fire of
something to be thinking about, not in the small circle in which
you sit, but in the whole, in the overall plan of the re-
structure, that the mindset will have to come around to include
those that have been left out before, will have to include those
parts of the earth that have been so damaged, so abused, and so
overdone by the set of plans that are now being used, the mindset
that is in flux now.
This can be done also through prayer, through your thinking.
Start gradually to have your thoughts go out beyond your
immediate destinations, out into the whole. Even as an
experiment for yourself, when you see something taking place in
your community, find out about it. Through your intuitive mind
get results and answers of what could've worked better or what
could've worked that would include the whole. Everyone will have
to start thinking this way more in order to get everyone back
into balance.
That is all I have on the subject for today. It will no
doubt be coming up now and again. Maybe you will be given
different things to do within the group that could be useful in
the experience of including the whole in all of the decisions
made in your daily lives. This is not to say that you are not
doing this now, it's just that as part of the correcting time,
this will begin to broaden and have more expansion with each
individual. Thank you for your time. 
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