Elyon et al. 10/6/96

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October 6, 1996
*       unidentified (Mary TR): [A couple of us were laying hands on
our friend Michael after he mentioned having some pain and
        As we are focusing our thoughts of love and healing towards
Michael, I would suggest that we envision and imagine Michael's
spinal cord and the energy that flows within the spinal cord and
at your neck, the nerves that extend out from there to your
shoulders, down your arms.  Envision these pathways as being
clear, unobstructed, and freeflowing and beautiful.  Allow your
breathing to assist you in the intake of energy and in the
release of tensions, energy blockages.  
        In healing there is the act of giving.  There is also the
associated act of accepting.  We can come back to this throughout
the week and take time to envision Michael's neck and arms and
the free flow of energy, the clear pathways.  Take time to
reconnect during the week to this exercise.
*       Machiventa (Mark):  In one's life experience one encounters
a great many urges or desires within your depths.  It is through
diligent application of your person to such desires that they
then may bear fruit.  One must decide for oneself which of the
many desires or tendencies you really feel strongly about and
would like to see made real.  Then with this sincere, diligent
application of your energies, these desires may be made into
reality.  It is within your power, each of you, to create this
reality, in a sense to create out of yourselves and give birth to
a new phenomenon.  This occurs with sincere, honest, and
recurring application.
        There are many desires within each of you leading in many
different directions.  You must choose which among these you
desire the most to be made real.  Then you bring this ideal, this
desire, raise it up in your consciousness, accept it fully into
your being, and project yourself as being an accomplice in this
desire, as being partners with this desire.  Direct your energies
towards it, and visualize this desire as reality.  
        You each have this capacity to turn a desire, an ideal, a
position into your reality.  Very little that you would desire is
out of your reach.  Most of what you desire is yours for the tak-
ing, yours for the effort, yours for the applying of yourself to
it.  So choose your highest ideals, embrace them, accept them
into your being, and promote them with your conscious mind.  Ask
for assistance from our Father and embrace the fruits of your
        It is the Father's desire that you be a creator as well,
that you form your own creations of direction, of ideals, of
purpose, that you give rise to these fundamental basics spontane-
ously of yourself.  You are empowered to create these realities,
and you are encouraged to do so.  
        It is necessary from time to time to realign yourself with
the proper energy guides that you spoke of in your discussion to
establish your position in the proper channels for the most effi-
cient transfer of energy.  This is accomplished by means of your
sincere desire to implement this new ideal and your willingness
to align yourself to the proper degree to allow the most
efficient transfer of the energy.  You all are becoming aware of
the many different sources of energy, power, available to mortals
of the realm.  These channels are a means to tap into, to augment
your capabilities, to enhance your abilities to efficiently
perform and function.  We encourage you to experiment with their
use, to apply yourselves in different regions, to be open to help
from these outside sources.  You alone can do great things; you
with the aid of other circuits can do things beyond what you can
conceive of.
                      I appreciate your attention today and most
times throughout your weeks and days. You are all attempting to
become more alert, more sensitive to our teachings, and your
progress is noticeable to us.   This is Machiventa.
*                                        Darid (Jonathan):  I greet
everyone here.  
        John records Jesus saying, "I am the way, the truth, and the
life.  No man comes unto the Father except by me." And our master
is known to have said, "Follow me."
        This is Darid.  May I point out yet another triune
relationship: the way, the truth, and the life.  You have
progressed in your spiritual training to understand how Michael
can be these three factors and make possible life in Nebadon, the
ascension career, and the presence of truth upon which to ascend. 
In following the master, you are utilizing the truth of sonship;
you are enacting this truth as you live this earthly life.  You
have begun the great ascension, the path through the will of the
Father to Paradise.  The way to the Father is through living
truth.  The life of truth is the very path.  The method to ascend
is to make truth the living way.  
        Following Michael requires no skill, only awareness of your
relationship and receptivity to the extension of his hand in
guidance in your life and willingness to express, however
seemingly minuscule your attainment is in a dynamic demonstration
through your living vehicle.  This makes concrete your inner
reaches when you effect outward responses.  Each of your three-
fold personality factors: soul, mind, and body are incorporated
in this passage of Michael's speaking.
        I am thankful to be here to speak with you today.  I am
*       unidentified [Will?] (Mary):  The love of God surrounds us;
His beauty enthralls us; His truth beckons us forward.  His
goodness is manifest through us.  He will lead us ever forward
through the many adventures of our lives.  In the expanding
wonders of our adventures through Him, with Him, and in Him the
discoveries that await us are innumerable.  Enjoy your pathways
of discoveries.  Thrill at the seeking of these undiscovered
truths and unrealized potentials.  Rise up and meet these
challenges with faith, determination, and courage.  
        The adventure has just begun.  You have many helpers to
assist you; they also thrill at the journey and the task.  Within
your soul stirs the Fragment of God yearning to be one with you
and return to the First Source and Center.  Follow along.  Rising
up from within you is the urge of love and service and goodness. 
Do not be afraid of these urges.  Do your best to follow through. 
You will get better and better at it.  Be not discouraged by the
length of the journey ahead of you.  Enjoy the journey ahead of
you; it is good that it is long.  We have so much time!  We are
lucky to have all of these experiences.  The clan of God is
        We are all moving forward to our destinies.  Thank you for
your participation.  That is all.
*       Elyon (Mark):  This is Elyon, here with you again to say
that once again I am here with you in service for your group.  I
am also in service to each one of you individually when not in a
group setting.  I have no lesson to offer today.  I would offer
an augmentation of a previous perspective stated in your group. 
[This refers to a remark that the teachers sometimes encourage us
much like we encourage certain behaviors in our pets.]  I am not
all that different from yourselves.  I am slightly ahead of your
spiritual progress.  While it might seem to you as though I am a
whole different species of being, in fact, you and I share the
same Fragments within.  We have similar souls progressing toward
similar goals.  While I take great delight in observing you and
even in participating with you, I do not hold the opinion of you
as a lesser creature than myself, as somehow substandard or even
my pets to watch.  (laughter)  
        I offer this as augmentation and clarification that we are
on similar paths together, that I enjoy greatly my communications
with you, and I sincerely view each of you as my comrades, even,
dare I say, my friends.  So, I would encourage you to likewise
think of me as someone you can turn to, someone you can count on
as a friend to you, as we are truly not that different.  
        One day we will, each of us, embrace each other in spirit
and stand before each other and recognize each other truly for
what we are.  Until that time I just wish to convey that we are
far more similar than we are different.  We are the same species
in fact, species of souls growing toward our Father.  I do enjoy
greatly all contact I have with you, and I look forward to
further contact, more frequent and more enhanced contact with
each of you.  
        These truly are exciting times to be involved with this
mission.  We truly are blessed, you and I, to be playing the
parts we are playing in this mission.  You all are doing well in
your progression, and I can see many enjoyable encounters ahead
of us.  That is all from me. 
*       Coronas (Jonathan):  Upon the inauguration of this project
proposed by the Melchizedeks to begin contact with quarantine
worlds for the purpose of preparing these planets for receptivity
of system wide communication.  All volunteers began the effort in
faith that numerous agencies of planetary and system import would
also volunteer services as events unfolded which warranted their
engagement.  The faith exhibited by your teachers has moved an
entire universe.  The confidence and dedication they have in both
their superiors and the ones to whom they came to serve is
        Now enlisted in their services are agencies like my own, the
archangels, services and personnel of the Trinity Teacher Sons. 
This you have been informed of already, but may I express to you
the most spectacular allegiance we have.  That is, on all worlds
in this project, a significant number of human beings are
participating.  This is the sought-for victory in the battle to
overcome the isolation and restore operations in Satania which we
have all come to hold as a high ideal.  
        Coronas speaking.  Thank you.   

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