Issue 18

Welcome, spiritual seekers. Here is our latest array of discoveries in the quest for Light and Life, all recommended for your exploratory enjoyment.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH   Urantia University, built around the Urantia Papers spiritual revelation, is developing a global university at They are assembling a faculty of scholars who will be called elders, masters and teachers in the organization. If interested in serving, please visit the site for their e-mail address. Well over 125 teachers have already signed up to teach the specific 196 pages in the cosmological tome.

Utopia Radio now features Donna D’Ingillo of the Christ Consciousness Center and an array of other enlightened contemporary spiritualists and healers. Check their schedules at The Center’s work, headquartered in Oakland, CA, can be overviewed at

The Rock of Sages is a new ideas newsletter from the Aevia Group, which strives to highlight the teaching methods of Jesus of Urantia and report on the build-out of Ascension University and the Aevia Group. There’s plenty to read here from these Urantia-based spiritualists who are working toward a greater society. Visit them at

The Great Reconfiguration of 2009 is a powerful piece of channeling on contemporary society from The Council of 12 via Selacia. After reading the 2008 prophecies and predictions and finding them accurate, I read the 09 narrative and it also seems on target. Spirit Library will provide an array of daily transcripts with your subscription. Check the configuration scripts at

Aquarius, a new age spirituality magazine in Atlanta, is celebrating its 17th anniversary and the new issues are now completely on-line.

Spirit Whispers from the Heart, a loving spirit newsletter published by In Harmony, is available to read and download at

Spirit Library offers a mailbox full of contemporary spiritual channeling messages every day. They include pieces from Neale Walsch and an array of well-known and lesser-known channels of the various celestial personalities. If you read no other, we recommend a comprehensive narrative from Kyon, who works in magnetic services. He provides an array of predictions for the coming generation which can be directly accessed at

Compassion for Healing is the development field at, founded by spiritual author Dr. Richard Schwartz, who has written such books as “You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For: Bringing Courageous Love to Intimate Relationships, His professional work involves leading people toward compassion for themselves for the hurts suffered in their lives. Compassion, he says, is healing.

Mira of the Pleiadian High Council transmits spiritual messages via Valerie Donner at, including recent narratives on the earth’s enormous and quickening changes.

Laughter and Yoga go together wonderfully, say the folks at in New York City. They conduct workshops on laughteryoga with a long list of benefits, and believe it sets up a path for sustained happiness, joy and bliss.

Channelled Spiritual Messages from Mary, Jesus and Mary Magadelene are being showcased and published by the Dutch-Argentine couple, Gabriela en Reint Gaastra-Levin. Gabriela receives the messages and Reint records them. See their Dutch website at and check out their first two books in a series at


The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide for Those Who Believe in Angels. Tom T. Moore's book at includes his perspectives on working practically with our guardian angels and teachers.

Josef Rulof, the great German spiritual philosopher, now has free e-books to read or download online at

The Leap is a new work in spiritual consciousness by Constance Kellogg, whose Namaste Publishing Co. features Eckhart Tolle and a fine list of spiritual authors. Preview this and other books at   The Art of Conscious Creation by Jackie Lapine gives readers a list of conscious steps for taking creative control of their lives. She has built a strong audience and can be reviewed at

Signs in Our Lives are explored by Robert Perry in his groundbreaking new book, “Signs: A New Approach to Coincidence, Synchronicity, Guidance, Life Purpose, and God’s Plan.” The signs are “conjunctions of meaningfully parallel events” or CMPE’s, and the author thoroughly explores the newfound phenomenon, which provides guidance in our lives. Perry is best known for his work with “A Course in Miracles” and is the founder of the Circle of Atonement, a teaching center in Sedona, Arizona. Check it all out at

American Indian Spirituality has never been adequately explored, says Otis Ritch, a Choctaw Indian living in Arkansas. He is also a natural artist, now promoting his work at Otis says Urantia Book readers are among the most enlightened spiritualists on the planet and may well appreciate his 8-book series of stories entwining his characters with the Great Spirit.

Soul Seeds: Revelations and Drawings is the 8th book penned by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld. This presentation of spiritual quotations and original art is the first book in an inspirational series being planned by Cross-Cultural Communications. Visit them at

New Age Rising: Dena Braun in Phoenix has penned a new book, “Unfinished Evolution: How A New Age Revival Can Change Your Life and Save the World.” Based on an idea that the “New Age” has declined since its 1970s heyday, she thinks the baby got thrown out with the bathwater, and new age spirituality still has the values needed for a healthy spiritual life. Meet Dena at and join her new discussion group at

Spiritually Empowering Books are gathered by author Roy Klienwachter at his site. Roy himself has written “Your Life Was Not Meant To Be A Struggle” and “Led Down the Garden Path.” Check out his offerings at

Planetary Challenges

Censored News. WantToKnow has published the annual "Top 25 2008 Stories Subjected to Press Censorship," highly recommended to learn the full breadth of what happens in the world each year. The media picks and chooses based on their economic and political agendas. It's at

Carlos Santana of music fame has created the Architects Of A New Dawn project, a global network for bringing together people to work for positive change. Love can replace fear and peace can replace conflict, the movement believes. Visit Carlos and friends at

School of Outer Body Travel founder Michael Raduga is offering a free e-book, a practical guidebook to achieving the state of consciousness. The book is to promote a series of seminars in California. Check him out at http://ain/ru/en/.

The Center for Public Integrity and the Associated Press are teaming up to counter the decline of dynamic investigative journalism. They are one of four non-profit news organizations selected to deliver content to the AP service on critical issues of our times. The Center strives for public transparency and accountability.

The Enneagram System at features a fascinating paradigm for identifying the nine personality types of humans, and working with them to understand your life force. This is a fascinating site that you will find helpful in identifying your personality traits.


Our mailbox has been busy with an array of highly sophisticated instrumental and new age music adventures. They are available at the usual music sources.

Summer Reflections by ANewDay. This Nova Scotia duo of Rob Miller and Ron Huestis features piano and lush orchestrations. A previous CD, “Autumn Musings,” was an award-winner, and the new one only adds more flourish, flair and musicianship to their catalog. They are at

A Still Motion by Michael Samson, a brilliant pianist, brings his yin-yang lifestyle to the keyboards with imaginative compositions that often dance through time signatures and left hand/right hand interplay. Visit him at

East Wind by Timothy Cooper is soaring solo piano that reflects his desires and activism for a global society. He makes music, art and films and is executive director of Worldrights, which strives for human rights. His music is at

Light Returning by Acoustic Ocean features lush compositions produced by Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan, complementing their work in human balance, harmony and healing. Access these lovely healer-musicians to hear about their new therapeutic protocol, SoundBodyMind, which combines hands-on healing, hypnotherapy and vocal sounding. Visit

Watching for Rain by Anne Trenning blends her masterful piano with violin, strings, flute, saxophones, guitar and other instruments in a rich array of hopeful anticipations for a new and higher world.

october by Matthew Labarge is his third solo piano CD and it follows the path of dawn’s first light through the dusk in a streaming flow of creative energy. Visit Matt at

Ascension by Phoenix Rising is a scintillating blend of instrumentalists whose music is designed to help people relax, de-stress and re-energize with positive vibrations of appreciation for life.” Pianist Wendy Loomis and flutist Monica Williams are stand-outs. Check them out at or at CD Baby.

Siyotanta by Michael Brant DeMaria is Indian legend flute music by a “multi-instrumentalist, psychologist and soul guide.” It will be part of Michael’s Ontos Healing Sound Project, with a second CD, Ocean, set for release later in ’09. Meet this fascinating fellow at

Presents of Angels by Christopher Boscole features original piano solos in new age, lyrical and folk styles. Chris is a cool keyboardist in Hawaii whom you can meet at

Antiquus by David Wahler is a musical exploration of our common heritage, each track corresponding to ancient myth, sacred love or eternal truths. His classical piano compositions combine with full orchestrations that chronicle our “journey towards truth and wholeness.” Meet David at

Mercy by Ereipia comes out of Britain and “once again explores their insatiable quest for experimentation but finding cadence in swaths of melody as they continue to define the undefinable.” This is the duo of Kostas Pangiotou and Andy Koski-Semmens and their “majestic opus” is available via Let’s call it some fascinating experimental music.

Traveling Light by Light Garden is the remarkable debut album of eclectic due David Moss and Masha Kaestner, also available via Reminiscent of Niko and Velvet Underground, their mandolin and bouzouki madigral progressions provide a remarkable resonance for energy and healing. Their publicists say they would have fallen nicely into the acid folk movement in Laurel Canyon.

twilight & blues by Lisa Hilton continues a flow of 11 beautiful piano CDs by this Malibu, California artist, whose jazz piano compositions are remarkably distinctive and unique. This one includes Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” and other classic pieces in a jazz style that Lisa hopes will be “green and blue and also sunny.” Visit this beautiful artist at

The Promise by Michael P. Stribling is a musical everyman journey from the bustle of daily living to the anticipation and promise of a great beyond. His 14 original compositions span yin-yang and expand the life quest.

Trillium by Kori Linae Carothers is a scintillating collection of electronic acoustic instrumental music, produced by Will Ackerman. Visit this lovely musician, who plays piano, keyboards and flute, at

Thanks for visiting.

In closing, here is a recommendation for those who would like a thought-provoking spiritual growth quote every day. Humanity’s Team website adjoins the New Spirituality Network in providing life lessons from Neale Donald Walsch and other writers. Here’s a quote to answer the question about whether religion is destined to disappear in the coming age.

From Neale’s book, Tomorrow’s God

“On the contrary, it will be more ubiquitous than ever. But gone will be the teachings of an angry, jealous, punishing Deity. Gone will be the moral justifications for vengeance and retribution. Gone will be the doctrines of exclusivity and ‘betterness’ that have cast their shadow across the face of many religions in the past.

“And alongside religion will stand a new form of human expression of the impulse toward the Divine, an expression that will not be rooted in codified texts and teachings, but in the moment-to-moment experience of each person sincerely seeking God.”


Light and Life Journal: Issue 18 - SEPTEMBER 2009

If the world is indeed “quickening,” as the Urantia Book says, then what exactly does that mean?

Is it like tearing off a hangnail, one that’s painful because it has gone “into the quick?” That means it reached the point of pain. The world seems to have reached that point.

“Quicken” is often used to describe a heartbeat. It quickens when it gets scared, or excited, or agitated. This also seems like our current times.

We are certainly in times where events are happening so fast that they seem to stumble all over themselves trying to be comprehended or understood in relation to everything else. The sum total of human knowledge keeps doubling again and again, even as the greed and madness seem to grow in some quarters as well. Don’t we often say, “Things are happening too fast?”

It seems all of the above is true and more. People’s minds are quickening; our souls are quickening, all from the influx of new perspectives brought on by the explosion in global communications and our evolving minds. Where these new perspectives are spiritual in context, then we get an array of globally published information that ranges somewhere between “Amazing Stories” and Holy Writ.

Simone, in South Africa, former manager of the Magisterial Mission email list, has collected varied sources of channeled material coming across the Internet today. I was amazed to see the sheer volume, and also how much of it melds into extraterrestrial contact and overthrow of the reputed Dark Cabal (big money interests) that dominate the world.

Altogether, the array of channeling today could be called anything from revelation to mythology. Of course, if and when ET’s are revealed, then it will all take on another reality.

Here’s a line-up of sources for channeled transmissions and a bit about each. 

11.11. George Barnard, in Australia, and worldwide associates present transmissions from many celestial personalities, including Midwayers, who live on the planet, and your Indwelling Spirit. Here is the site introduction:

“So you see 1111, 111, 11:11, 12:12, or 4:44 all over the place? Too often to be mere coincidence? Well, you are not alone anymore. We think there are now over 1 million folks seeing these prompts today.

“These prompts are caused by a group of fun-loving angels. What George Barnard originally called the Mille-Cent-et-Onze. In fact George first saw the 11 past 11 time signals well before the invention of the digital clock. But it's much easier to spot these digital prompts these days.

“The 11:11 Wake-Up Calls on your clocks, VCR’s and microwaves are the "trade-mark" prompts of a group of just 1,111 fun-loving Spirit Guardians, or Angels. Once they have your attention, they will use other digits, like 12:34, or 2:22 to remind you of their presence. Invisible to our eyes, they are very real physical beings.

“Our earthly 1,111 Angels, often called "Midwayers," have been assisting folks of all walks of life for many centuries. George Barnard has been privileged to call them his family, his co-workers, friends and teachers for almost

Here is a sample channeling from the 11.11 family from Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy:

“As you read our (Divine) Comedy these days, understand that it was what was needed at the time, as many who had just passed on, or were still alive, were portrayed as suffering the heat of Inferno, the doubts of ever being able to leave Pergatorio, yes, the bliss of

Paradiso for some few. And some of these places that only ever existed in man’s mind and religious dogma, represented the stick behind the door. Generously, let us call it a club behind the door to eternity.

“It is only after these centuries that I can now view my work of many years as having kept countless on the straight and narrow with the truth as it was understood by the masses of that time, although a comedy, as I noted it to be.

“Revelation to our beloved world must always come at a slow pace, indeed, although you have made great strides in that the Father is now an unconditionally loving Head of Household in the eyes of ever more of His children.

“All here who hail from our planet, and from all former rebel planets, pray daily, as do I, for you to reach your goal of Light and Life, more swiftly, more easily, less painfully than some of you might imagine your Potentials to be.”

The Ground Crew, led by Valerie Donner, presents transmissions that assist us with personal and global awakenings.


Christ Consciousness Center. Donna D’Ingillo and associates, now in Oakland, CA, provide generational healing services and transmissions from Christ Michael and other celestials. Here is a recent transmission:


November 4, 2007

Beloved children, begin your day with me anew.  This is your Father

Michael, and I long to share each day with you as you go about your daily

routine.  I know the challenges you face as you attempt to bring a

Spiritual perspective into your daily life.  Remember, I lived a human life

as you now live, and who better than me to help you walk through each day.


Your earthly lives are not ease-filled; they are rigorous and challenging

As you learn from each experience, building upon what you have lived to

produce.  Yet, there is a quality of majesty and grandeur that you can

bring to each situation through an attitude of being grateful for the

moment at hand.  Instead of being task-oriented; try being moment-focused

and feel grateful that you have this one moment.  Notice what this does to

your outlook.  Does it make your task at hand easier to accomplish?


Master this technique, my children, to be moment-focused.  Explore the ways

this simplifies your life.  This is one of the small techniques I mastered

during my earthly life, and I wish to share it with you to improve your

life quality.  Call me to help you in these moments, and we will share them

together in joy.  You will be surprised at the results!

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles transmits Light Beings and holds seminars on creating a spiritually conscious and connected life. She is a popular speaker on the new spirituality circuit.

The Padgett Papers. These channeled messages from Jesus and other personalities, including his apostles and even Judas, have long been available, if little known. Now comes a transmission from Jesus clarifying when the times of The Second Coming actually began. A global network of channeling groups carries forward these supernal connections. A good place to start is:

The Quantum Awakening. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, in Dandridge, TN, has long provided supernal messages to help us awaken our inherent energies for these quickening times. See her newsletter for a recommended recent article: “You Are Not Who You Were Last Week,” reflecting these times of personal transformation, whether we’re ready or not.

Archangel Michael and other teachers speak through Ronna Herman at She presents a wide array of spiritually energizing materials, including this list:



1. Always look for and identify the challenge in a negative situation.

2. Ask yourself "where do I fit in this picture?"

3. Is it a problem or just a 'situational opportunity for greater understanding and growth?'

4. Remember, a problem can never be resolved at the vibrational level in which it was created.

5. Answers to every situation are derived by expanding your consciousness.

6. Ask yourself "whose problem is this?"

7. If it is your problem, how are you going to solve it?

8. If it is not, are you going to allow it to become your problem?

9. If it is not your problem, are you willing to seek an inner understanding of the situation, and then bless him/her and let it go?

10. There are times when it is appropriate to be an observer and allow those around you to resolve their own problems. You do not always have to ENGAGE in a negative situation.


The Pleiadians, as delivered by Nancy Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn and other books, are now also represented by others, noted below. Ms. Marciniak has a subscriber newsletter and has recently begun narrating the book’s chapters for availability on the Internet. You can find them at under spiritual videos.

From this list of folks we know, we go to a greater array of channelers and presenters of earth-moving information. Choose from them for explorations and fasten your seat belts:

Dr. Rich Boylan at is the stalwart presenter of information on ET’s, their working relationship with the planet’s powerful elite, and the pending universal contact with these personalities . Their mission relates to the cleansing of corruption and environmental poisons and bringing us into the interplanetary family, and is often related to the also-pending spiritual reclamation of the planet. 

UK Light. Mike Quinsey’s is an epicenter of channeled messages, including the human networking with the Galactic Federation, the Pleiadian Council, Diane from the planet Sirius, and a writer named Aurelia Louise Jones, who has revealed a lost civilization of surviving and highly advanced Lemurians living within Mount Shasta, California, in the subterranean city of Telos. Read more at St. Germain, an Ascended Master, sent a recent message there reviewing the fine spectrum of influences on the planet today. Books in this realm are at, Mount Shasta Light Publishing.

The Planetary Activation Network and Sheldan Nidle are the longtime primary source of information about the galactic organizations and impendiung contact with their starfleet. His books are on the L&L site.

Earth Logs from Celia Fenn at cover such topics as shifting the internal point of gravity and awakening to our starseed potentials. She is in Cape Town, South Africa.

Earth Energy Healing. Russell Boulding at sends information on his new healing network at He is an environmental earth scientist and is predicting no catastrophic earth changes. Planetary healing folks seem always aligned with spiritual emissaries who come to help us with a new world. Russell, in Bloomington, IN, reports 110 members in 15 countries. He recently spoke on balancing masculine-feminine energies during the planetary reawakening and reempowerment, as well as working with 3D energy systems.

Agents of Light. Now comes Bryan James with the Circles of Light website in California. This newsletter hooks into the galactic-spiritual channeling mixes of the day, with recent news that the Galactics have infused both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with positive energies for the work ahead. He punctuates his newsletter by selling such three-figure “Extreme Lightwork” services as ego program removal, comfort zone removal, kundalini activation, past life interventions, bad seed removal, and implant/matrix-type gear removal. Bryan recently reported that 15 million souls have been reclaimed from the Nether Worlds Reclamation project. I decided to pass on this newsletter and not to have my ego removed. I might just lay around and watch TV all day.

Share International continues to market the books and channeling of Benjamin Crème and the celestial teacher Maitreya at Check out their multi-media efforts at Much of their activity has been publishing visual phenomenon around the world and crediting it to Maitreya, who heads a band of supernal teachers.

Spirit Library. From, you can get a mailbox full of channeling on subjects ranging from deep inner spirituality to the swirling planetary changes and human consciousness awakenings of the new age. The Divine Light of Spirit recently reported establishment of a new earth grid anchor in Dubai in a message from Kuthumi. The sheer volume of channeled material coming through here was surprising to me.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation. These are all in the earth history weavings of Michael Tasarion, who has a book explaining many mysteries of life and mythology at

Kirael, a master celestial teacher, has spoken at length about the earth shift through Fred Sterling in Hawaii, He provides this information about a new energy form: “Photon energy is the powerful new energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium. It's a free energy source and nobody can monopolize it. Its outer edge or belt has already reached Earth's atmosphere and is affecting not only Earth, but also many planets in the solar system. Photon energy is light energy, and it permeates the Earth in waves. It has the power to extend human life because it realigns the human body into a light body. Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and confers the power of instant manifestation of thought. Therefore, it is essential to maintain clarity and purity of thought by practicing daily meditation, being in the ‘now’ and staying heart-centered. In one sense, the Great Shift in Consciousness is the evolution of Mother Earth and her inhabitants into the realm of photon energy for the next 2,000 years.”

So … there are some spiritual explorations that all relate to “quickening” times. And here are some others.

ANCIENT X. The researchers at have an amazing collection of readings that link ancient artifacts and history with extraterrestrial visitations and influences. We’re highlighting their 10 Most Amazing Artifacts on another part of the site. They have much to read about the ancient Sumerians. Highly recommended site for spiritual explorers.

THE LIGHT PARTY. Da Vid, M.D. and artist, has founded The Light Party, a “wholistic new paradigm political party” taken from the best of our now active parties. He features a wholistic synergistic platform to achieve “health, peace and freedom” for all. He is director of the San Francisco Medical Research Foundation and a write-in candidate for President of the United States.

GLOBAL MEDITATIONS NETWORK is back in action after a too-long absence, with Barbara Wolfe’s newsy collection of spiritual-related calendar events over the world. Barbara spoke at the 4th Global Symposium Dec. 7-10 in India, on “Mass Consciousness Resolves Conflicts, Brings Peace.” The symposium site is:

KABBALAH interest is high. Another new book is Fred Reiss, “Ancient Secrets of Creation: Sepher Yetzira, the Book That Started Kabbalah, Revealed.” The author believes the Kabbalah can’t truly be understood without an understanding the older text. Read more at

MICHAELS MIND. Friend Steve Tiller is a widely heralded author of children’s books with spiritual values at To help poor kids get good books in their “People Pass It On” program, adjoined with Toys for Tots, please visit the site and consider this charity for the holiday season.

LEADING EDGE essays on many critical world topics are seen by New Heaven, New Earth news service subscribers. Many topics are religious or spiritual, including a recent report from the Arlington Institute ( about an impending major financial disruption in the world. A Reuters story is featured which discusses research into the Noah’s Ark flood legend. A massive European flood 8,300 years ago scattered the continent’s early farmers and gave rise to the legend. A British team has announced that a collapse of the North American ice sheet raised global sea levels by as much as 1.4 meters, displacing tens of thousands of people.

WORLD UNITY DAY is being promoted by Kevin Reid, who has composed a world anthem called “We Are One” at his site, I was fascinated to read the blog story of how Kevin joined up with musicians and plain everyday people around the world to co-create a beautiful piece of music. You’ll enjoy the global slide show. To support the unity project, as L&L will, go to:

APOCALYPTIC THERAPY. Dr. Kathy McMahon has a fine article in Peak Oil magazine about economic and planetary collapse as a possible therapeutic issue. Within, she takes to task blithely optimistic people with “panglossian disorder.” That’s described as “the neurotic tendency toward extreme optimism in the face of likely cultural and planetary collapse.” If it all appears “likely” to Kathy, can we count her in the pessimist column then? Oh no, she would say “realist.” Everyone likes to be considered a “realist.” Alas, there are so many separate realities. If we can all balance our pessimism and optimism, we'll have it just right.

UNITED NATIONS IN JERUSALEM? A UN for religions, not countries, is being proposed by Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yonah Metzger, in a meeting with the Dalai Lama, who promised to help advance the idea.“Instead of planning for nuclear war and buying tanks and fighter jets, it will invest in peace,” said the rabbi. Read more at:

MATHEMATICAL HEART. Fred Burks shares at his discovery of the Institute of Heart Math at Research there shows that emotions work much faster and are more powerful than thoughts, and that, in the human body, the heart is much more important than the brain to emotional well-being, even cognitive function. Pretty amazing to me, for what some dismiss as a blood pump. Read more at

Two sides to the coin … Jackie Lapin announces her new book, The Art of Conscious Creation: How You Can Transform the World. It follows the power of positive thinking school and brings it to full fruition creation.

At the same time, author Alexandra Bruce takes on the credibility of “The Secret” phenomenon and the Power of Intention, and dissects its sources in Beyond the Secret: The Definitive Unauthorized Guide To The Secret, published by the Disinformation Company at She defines the sources of the philosophy, including Wallace D. Wattles’ book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” and includes that entire book in her volume. Well ... Would you buy a book from a disinformation company? There’s an interesting history about their creation and current mission as an alternative voice, which you can check out at their site. The author has previously published an “unauthorized guide” to the “What the Bleep” film. Likely, she’s a skeptic who wants to say none of these ideas are new, but I haven’t read either of these books. I do believe that the greatest wisdom of all time is not new. I am not personally interested in thinking to grow rich. I am rich. We could sure use some more website visitors; maybe I can figure how to intend it ... and some more outreach too.

THE SECRET REVELATION by Stella Religa is a unique study of the Book of Revelations, correlating the document with the teachings of the Urantia Book’s Jesus papers, and finding much compatibility. Stella makes the apostle John’s visions come alive and into reality at and her book is also among Saskia Raevouri’s fine Urantia Book related offerings at

ALIVE MIND is a new DVD label founded by Richard Lorber in July, and now offering its first documentary production, “Secrets of the Soul.” The two-hour production explores the concept of the soul from many religious paths, from native Americans to “mediums who claim to communicate with the dead.” The company’s second productions will be the trilogy, “Woman and Spirituality” by Donna Reed, which is scheduled for release in early ’08.

BREATH OF LIFE. There is a treasure chest of information on the art of yoga breathing for good health at Much of the information and the exercises are free and bountiful on the list. Thanks Simone for the turn-on.

DOLPHIN TALK. If you’re interested in these beautiful, intelligent and apparently well-connected mammals, you can read a lot at

CONSCIOUS MIND. Dave and Gail Miller in Michigan have an inspired site for sharing jewels of spiritual consciousness at

THE KINDNESS CENTER. If you’re one of those siblings who can’t get enough of Kindness in your life, here’s a bountiful place indeed, with opportunities to get a daily perk-up e-mail. “Random acts of kindness” is an opportunity that’s open to everyone.

MASTERY OF MEDITATION. Should this be your lofty goal, the man to help is Anmol Mehta at He’s a family man with a lifelong love of Meditation and Kundalini Yoga and a mission to share. Free online courses are available, and are “geared towards helping students achieve health, happiness and wisdom, with an emphasis on self-realization.”

MARLENE BUFFA is a gifted spiritual essayist whose site features her writing. She’s an active University of Michigan alum who produces sophisticated Cold Fusion Internet applications and lives in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll be featuring some of her excellent writing on the L&L site soon.

NEW CONSCIOUSNESS in new media is on display at, which reviews new higher-consciousness creative work and operates an Internet radio station. Just discovered their fine site and noted a new book about “The Orbs,” those amazing circles that show up in photographs. They feature music, books, and DVDs. If you're looking for positive music that expresses the loving values, tune in to New Cosciousness Radio at the site. Common Ground will be playing on the station.

GENTILE GRACE. A new essay on “Grace” from Norma Gentile, the lovely spiritualist behind, reminded me of her continuing vibrational healing work. She is a sound shaman, singer and healer who offers concerts, workshops and healings and has a great deal of free material on her site. If you've suspected that sound has healing qualities, you are right, and Norma brings them to dynamic life.

CATHOLIC MONKS SPEAK. Fr. Marcus St. Antony writes from Saint Anthony Coptic Orthodox Monastery in Yermo, CA, asking for promotional assistance for two books from the monastery. Unspeakable Truth: The New Praise in Spirit and Truth and The Frontier Between Life and Death: The Perpetual Virginity of the Theotokos Saint Mary are both 5x8 paperbacks and available at the institution. Since the correspondence was by postal letter and no website listed, and since we can’t market the books for him, I would suggest chatting with if you’re interested in buying the books or exploring how modern-day monks speak to the virginity subject and other issues in their library of books. Fr. St. Antony said monies from book sales will go to a youth charity program. They sent hardcopies of book excerpts but, needless to say, it's hard to come up with an hour or two for keystroking these days. Perhaps there is a Catholic reader who will help with Father with some 21st century marketing (not the real estate kind).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this issue. Here's a poem from an incarcerated loving and caring fellow named David, now behind prison walls but certainly connected to the true light and sharing it with others. 



The Moment the Creator thought of you,

His Universe Rejoiced.

The Moment you chose your life and Parents,

the world was blessed.

The Moment you made your first moral Choice,

God joined in your Journey.

The Moment you gave unconditional Love to another,

you Became.

Your Love was sent across the Universe

like a ripple in a still pond.


The Moment you gave loving service to

Your fellow human out of compassion,

You Honored God.

The Moment you chose to call God your “Father,”

He blessed your name as

His child.


The Moment you chose to do your

Heavenly Father’s will in all things,


He Smiled,

And cherished His Moments with you,



THANKS for reading the Light and Life Journal. Explore the Spiritual Universe in all media at We have 3 Spiritual Lyrical Concerts with 34 songs playing and a Video Showcase featuring some of the most thought-provoking spiritual journeys of the time. The Urantia Papers are a free download.

In closing, here’s one of my recent ditties. It’s about God and the various gods, and how all paths and all gods always lead to God the Real.



So many global spiritual movements, so many cosmic connections

warn us of catastrophes in kindly spoken confections

that tell us we are really stars if we can make us shine

and if we will turn to love each other, then all will be just fine.


But I wonder if they can all be real, and aren't they in a vacuum

not to acknowledge each other's presence. How could that alienation happen?

I think to myself that each has a niche, that they're the same mission but different

One day they'll announce in an unusual bounce that'll make the names irrelevant.


Mr. Kirael, greet Mr. Kryon. Maitreya and Machiventa too should meet.

I hope that Raj really won't dodge an encounter with Dr.Boylan's ET fleet.

Here's Olfana and Aflana. With the Internet, they might reach Botswana

and other supernal teachers, guides, gurus and angels can too.

bringing CDs, books and reportage, for spiritualists chewing cabbage

that turn into workshops and seminars for a fee. Yikes!


It's a busy spiritualist scene. Channels, clairvoyants and prophets bring

imaginations and products from their unique genes.

One day when Aaron and Zarath come together, and when all reveal each other

I can only wonder at the unity that could sing.


So Melchizedeks, seers and dreamers, let's get all your flows in a streamer.

It might validate you if you would say that everybody's real

My free will mind is in a corner, can't see the oneness in all the fodder

from cannons blowing at us that they're the one true way, so heel!


I know the Ascended Masters know Jesus

and the Pleiadians and Sirians wouldn't deceive us

just to make us think that they're the entire show.

Where's all the community you would bring?

Isn't it part of what you sing?

Can you help make the circle spin and grow?


There are channels, transmitters and visionaries

Offering to us from apothecaries

of healing, soothing, energizing balms for life

Ayurvedics, aromas, ego healings.

To those who think they're sick, it must be appealing

to buy that peace and raise themselves from strife.


One day when the healers join each other

find the paths of cooperation that further

our search for spirit growth to really be well,

Then we will experience how working together

creates a oneness power to gather,

transcend the separateness that creates our only "hell."


I dreamed one day we got that great visit

A spaceship set down with luminaries in it.

Anukai stepped out to wave, down to Yahweh and Zeus.

We had a grand old get-acquainted,

ancient and newer Gods, none of them rated

It felt like we were all eggs of the Golden Goose.


And then the Gods decided, starting with the Michaels

that we should all together, as one, be Oracles

by worshipping as one here, on this firmament we hold dear.

Turn our selves as One to The Source.

After, all, all gods and humans are on that course

of ascending our souls by knowing God as the Universe Force.


In the end, all gods we've imagined and conveniently shod

with traits sometimes that really shouldn't be there, by God,

They will rapidly fall away, just like our feet of clay

and we'll see the Great ONE above all facade.

What we've each imagined and thought all this time isn't God.


God is the Supreme Being beyond our mind

and gracious enough to be with us all the time

and empower all the gods of all our times

While God Inside Alone makes it rhyme.

© Light and 2012